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Introducing our Cloud Waltz press-on nails, designed for those who want a convenient and stylish nail solution.


Made from high-quality materials, our press-on nails are soft to the touch yet durable for everyday wear.


Bonmuz brings you premium press-on nails, combining high-quality elegance with the assurance of non-damaging wear.


Our collection is dedicated to providing an exquisite, durable solution for an at-home manicure that stands the test of time and lifestyle, making it effortless to elevate your look.


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Cloud Waltz | Soft & Durable Press-On Nails

SKU: 7b42162b
  • APPLICATION: Begin with clean, natural nails. Press cuticles back with cuticle stick to desired shape. Select the best fitting nail for each finger and set aside in order.

    Apply a layer of glue to the back of the Bon Art Nail and to your natural nail.

    Press and hold Bon Art Nail to natural nail for 30+ seconds ensuring the entire Bon Art Nail receives pressure.

    Trim the ends with a nail file, then customize the length and shape using nail tools, if needed.

    Alternatively, use the provided non-toxic gel adhesive tabs based on your personal preference.


  • In the set: 28 nails in 14 sizes, non-toxic liquid glue, non-toxic gel adhesive tabs, cuticle stick, nail file and alcohol pad.

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