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Happy Family


Founded by Stanley and LaQuita Smith in 2023, Together Hub was established in order to provide family, friends and members from all walks of life, as a centralized community the chance to take part in a number of businesses, social, recreational activities and projects. With direct engagement and curiosity from family, close friends, and the wide network of associates and the larger outside community, Together Hub is the center where all activities of single individuals will be on display.




Family Bonds

Whether you’re looking for business opportunities, seeking out advice, or purchasing a product or service, the Together Hub is the place for you. The Hub has something for everyone and is a place for you to enjoy, educate, invest and showcase your talent or wares. It is a place where we can engage and help each other by participating. Together Hub is the crucial part of bringing eyes on things you do and is an integral part of our overall success. To learn even more About Us subscribe to our newsletter below.

Family with Tablet
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